Thursday, February 23, 2012

Job Interview and Shots

So this afternoon I have a job interview at the Central Florida Zoo. Everyone wish me luck! I'm dropping Bryleigh off with her grandma for a couple hours so I could get that done and do some errands. Later tonight I have to take her to the doctors to get her 2 month shots. I think there is 3 she has to get so tonight will not be a good night. Not looking forward to no sleep whatsoever. But at least it's quiet in the house right now because she's taking a little nap while I get some school done.

Valentine's Day

 This year Eric (Bryleigh's Dad) and I had the cutest little valentine ever. We had a fun day and shared it all together. Enough though she slept through most of the day but she still was loved.

Bryleigh Joy

The day finally came after what I thought was the longest 9 months of my life when I gave birth to my Daughter Bryleigh. She was a small 6 pounds and 10 ounces but she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was glad I had her a couple days before Christmas so my family could all enjoy her and get to know her. I also was so glad because that meant I had a lot more help. So then began the craziness of my life and the new adventures yet to come.

The Big Shocker

A teenagers senior year should be a year of choices and excitement to come. Another thing is the mystery of where your going in life like what college to go to and what degree to major in. Before my senior even started I knew what how my life was going to take place and what was to come. I was going to have a baby. This was a real shocker to everyone because my dad is a pastor and I was brought up going to church every week. But once everyone got over the shock there was the excitement of new life coming into this world.